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How to Protect Your Smile from Winter Sports Dental Injuries

Introduction of Winter Sports Dental Injuries

Winter Sports Dental Injuries

As the temperature dips and the Colorado slopes call, winter sports enthusiasts gear up for the thrill of activities like skiing, snowboarding, and ice hockey. Yet, amidst the excitement lies the potential for winter sports dental injuries.

At Emergency Dental of Colorado Springs, we emphasize safeguarding your smile amidst these wintry pursuits. This blog post aims to provide our patients with knowledge regarding common dental injuries and the preventative strategies available through our specialized emergency dental services.

Common Winter Sports Dental Injuries

The realm of winter sports is thrilling but has its risks. High speeds, hard surfaces, and potential for impact contribute to various winter sports dental injuries. Here’s what you need to know about the risks associated with popular winter sports:

  • Skiing: Skiing can cause dental injuries when a skier falls or collides with objects or other skiers. The face is particularly vulnerable to trauma, leading to tooth fractures, which could range from minor chips to severe breaks. Additionally, skiers can suffer from soft tissue injuries in the mouth, including lacerations to the lips, gums, and inner cheeks, especially if not wearing proper protective gear.
  • Snowboarding: Snowboarders risk jaw injuries due to falls onto hard-packed snow surfaces, which can result in fractures or dislocations. Winter Sports Dental injuries such as tooth displacement are also common when snowboarders experience sudden crashes that can forcibly eject teeth from their sockets. The nature of the sport, which often includes aerial tricks and high speeds, increases the risk of such injuries.
  • Ice Hockey: The high-speed puck, sticks, and aggressive physical contact in ice hockey make dental fractures a common injury, with pucks and sticks posing a risk for severe dental trauma. Ice hockey players also frequently suffer from soft tissue injuries that may require emergency dental procedures, as the mouth can be cut or bruised during collisions with other players or the ice.
  • Sledding: Sledding may seem less risky, but it can lead to significant dental injuries due to unpredictable paths that result in collisions and abrupt facial impacts. The lack of control over the sled’s direction often results in tooth fractures, and sudden stops or hidden obstacles can inflict considerable damage to the facial area, causing injuries to both teeth and soft tissues.
  • Ice Skating: While gliding on the ice, falls are common, and a direct fall onto the hard surface of the rink can lead to tooth fractures, including cracked or broken teeth. Skaters can also experience soft tissue injuries from encounters with the ice or other skaters, leading to cuts or punctures in the mouth’s soft tissues, especially for those performing more complex maneuvers or skating at higher speeds.

Prevention and Protection Tips from Winter Sports Dental Injuries

A proactive approach to preventing winter sports dental injuries can be achieved through simple yet effective practices:

  • Wearing Protective Gear: Wearing protective gear such as helmets with face guards is crucial when participating in winter sports. These helmets serve as a shield, deflecting impacts that could otherwise directly strike the face and helping to evenly distribute the force to minimize injury. Ensuring that the gear fits properly and meets safety standards is essential in reducing the risk of facial and dental injuries on the slopes or the rink.
  • Using Mouthguards: Incorporating mouthguards into your winter sports regimen is a small step that can have a significant impact on your oral health. Whether custom-fitted by a dental professional or purchased over the counter, mouthguards serve as a protective barrier, absorbing shock and dissipating forces that can cause tooth fractures, prevent teeth from being knocked out, and reduce the risk of injuries to the lips, tongue, and cheek lining. Making mouthguards an essential part of your gear can be the difference between a close call and a trip to Emergency Dental of Colorado Springs.
  • Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene: Good oral hygiene is a key step in making your mouth stronger and more able to handle any winter sports dental injuries. Healthy teeth and gums are less susceptible to severe damage, and a well-cared-for mouth can heal more rapidly and successfully if an injury does occur. Therefore, regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups are not just about preventing cavities; they’re also critical in fortifying your oral defenses, ensuring you can bounce back faster from any winter sports dental injuries.
  • Seeking Immediate Dental Care with Emergency Dental of Colorado Springs: If you get hurt while enjoying winter sports, getting fast dental care from Emergency Dental of Colorado Springs can help save your tooth. Having a go-to dentist like us means you can get help quickly and efficiently if an injury happens. We’re here to provide the care you need to keep your smile healthy, even after an unexpected dental emergency.


The possibility of winter sports dental injuries should not overshadow the excitement of winter sports. It is essential to remain alert and prepared, ensuring the protection of your oral health. At Emergency Dental of Colorado Springs, we recommend that protective gear, such as mouthguards, become essential to your sports gear, just like your skis or skates. Maintaining healthy oral hygiene supports your mouth’s natural defenses against injury.

Knowing you have access to prompt dental care with us can reassure you. So, as you enjoy the fresh snowfall or the smooth ice, take comfort that your smile is safeguarded, allowing you to embrace the thrill and happiness of your winter activities fully.

If you have a winter sports dental injury, contact Emergency Dental of Colorado Springs. We’re ready to help you quickly and safely. Your smile is important, so call us when you need us.

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